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 New Gallery Feature

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RA Jay

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Age : 47

PostSubject: New Gallery Feature   Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:58 pm

I have added a new gallery feature to the forum. This can be seen firstly on the homepage where it shows a small thumbnail image using a slidshow of all cars added to the Gallery, by clickin on the thumbnail will enlarge the image. It can also be accessed by clicking the "Gallery" button at the top of the forum page.
There is also 2 other features to this. Any car submmited in the gallery can be rated by other members and also comments can be left.

Because of the limted storage space we have i have limited the amount of pictures to 1 picture per member and have so far chosen pics from the main forum "Members Gallery" "HERE"

Any picture can be deleted and a new one put it its place, so if you have a new picture you want to replace your old one with then please contact me an ill be happy to to do it.

So.............to get your best picture added to this gallery please firstly post them up in "HERE" and i will add them.



1995 WRX - 318bhp/300ftlb - SOLD - 2005
2001 WRX Bugeye - 235bhp/230ftlb - SOLD - 2007
1996 WRX Type RA - 282bhp/285ftlb - SOLD - 2008
1997 STI Type RA - 350bhp/320ftlb - SOLD - 2009
1991 Nissan Pulsar GTiR - 286bhp/280ftlb - SOLD - 2009
1996 STI Wagon - 260bhp - SOLD - 2011
2004 Audi S-line - 190bhp - SOLD- 2011
2002 STI Bug - 404bhp/365ftlb - STRIPPED - 2012
1997 UK Turbo - 448bhp/400ftlb - STRIPPED - 2012

1998 Mitsibushi EVO 5 - 335bhp/310ftlb - Current

Dorset Subaru Owners Club
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mark type ra

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Location : new milton
Age : 33

PostSubject: Re: New Gallery Feature   Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:47 am

Sweet touch to the site mate Very Happy
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New Gallery Feature

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