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 Update, Business Address etc

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PostSubject: Update, Business Address etc   Sat May 19, 2012 5:48 am

Big thanks to Jay for the introduction to the Traders section and for everyone's support on the forum.

I will be based at WDM in poole, working alongside Wayne Very Happy . So another big thanks to him for his patience while i have been developing the business cool

My first vehicle should be arriving in a week or two and will be looking to break two vehicles per month. The parts will be listed here in the traders section, on Scoobnet and certain parts on good old e-bay. I can take cash on collection, bank transfers and under certain conditions paypal.

I will be dealing mostly in Imprezas, classic and newage so hope to be able to cater for everyone's parts needs.

I also have a facebook page where all new parts will be listed, if you have a look and like the page you will automatically get a notification when new parts become available cool . Take a look at


Thanks again Marky

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Update, Business Address etc

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